Sind wir bereit für Augmented Reality? – Unser CEO im Interview

Sebastian Winkler im Gespräch mit Bitkom

Unser CEO Sebastian Winkler spricht im Experteninterview mit der Bitkom über das Potential von Augmented Reality und den Barrieren, die uns noch im Umsetzungsprozess von Projekten begegnen.

Sebastian Winkler im Gespräch mit Bitkom

1. Why is everybody talking about AR nowadays?

Because we all grew up with Star Wars! AR exists since somewhen in the 70ies and already in the 90ies agencies created stunning AR applications for car manufactures. Nowadays everyone has a device mighty enough to show AR – and it just works today. Also, players like Apple & Google are pushing it into the mainstream which obviously helps a lot. And Pokemon Go obviously helped to make AR famous.

2. What are the biggest barriers before AR becomes mainstream?

Use cases! We’ve seen a lot of sales & marketing stuff, like placing a car in front of your house and such. But what are the best use cases? We need to solve this pain point.

Also, the technology has still some disadvantages, like a missing occlusion, a missing nice and easy to use platform.

And still – the ease of use is a problem. First, you have to download an app and then you may need a marker to trigger it. So WebAR is what we are working on and what will solve this issue.

Sebastian Winkler spricht über AR

3. What are the best use cases of AR in 2018?

All along the value chain – from R&D to Aftersales.

But the best have been our dinosaur and a knight game – ARise from Climax Studios which makes use optics and you’ll have to move around in order to solve the puzzle.

4. Are European schools ready for AR?

No, not at all.

5. Which professionals are needed for an AR project?

Still, you need IT experts to solve cross-platform issues. Then it is helpful to have storytelling experts and someone who is an UI/UX expert.

Or you can just call shoutr labs.