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web-based visitor guides

additional information and visitor guidance





shoutr.web Guide – multimedia offers for lasting experiences

Digital exhibition formats create new perspectives in interactive mediation and active participation. The shoutr.System, specially developed for museums and exhibitions, offers a complete solution for digital curation and mediation.

In the course of digitization, museums and exhibitions also have to rethink so that they can continue to offer interesting offers in the future and do not lose their attractiveness.

Web-based visitor guides offer a wide range of options for this, from audio-only guides and additional multimedia offerings to guided tours of the museum or exhibition without the need to install an app.

Flexibly expandable through modular systems

The system developed by shoutr labs modularly developed shoutr.system is a digital information system for visitors, which was especially designed for museums and exhibitions. It enables our customers to flexibly make dynamic adjustments to the digital content.

The operators of museums and exhibitions can offer their audience digital mediation levels in exhibitions very easily and quickly and keep them up to date.

The heart of the system is the cloud-based shoutr.CMS (editorial system), with which multimedia content can be created, managed and also updated at any time – completely without programming knowledge.

All content such as texts, images, audios and videos can thus be easily added to the shoutr.CMS and can be updated continuously. This enables exciting, multimedia visitor guides that offer their visitors lasting experiences.

Museum für Naturkunde - audio guide for visitor guidance and information transfer

Audio guide of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

Our shoutr.web Guide can be made available to your visitors, for example, in the entrance area of the exhibition via QR code. By scanning the QR code with their own smartphone, their visitors then access the web-based visitor guide.

The desired multimedia information can then be called up quickly and easily via the web browser on your own mobile phone. With the help of the system, additional information is provided on the respective display or information panels, exhibits and other exhibits.

Many available additional functions, such as GPS navigation (outdoors), lip-synchronous and wireless transmission of audio tracks, event calendar, quiz, surveys, evaluation tools, statistical analysis and much more round off the shoutr.System into a modern, multilingual and barrier-free information system.


  • No acquisition costs of rental equipment
  • No maintenance costs
  • No support or technical maintenance of devices necessary
  • No additional hygiene measures required, as users can use their own phone
  • Data protection – a use of the contents of the shoutr.CMS shoutr.CMS via the end devices of the visitors is basically possible without any indication of personal data and is carried out via the usual encryption technologies.
  • Interaction with the smartphone of the visitor* and stationary media units possible (multiuser)
  • Light control with your own smartphone (DMX Light Control) possible
  • Our guides are optimized for inclusive technologies such as screen readers, allowing users with sensory impairments to access the content on their own familiar devices.
  • And much more…..

Screenshot of the audio guide of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin- web-based audio guide for visitor guidance and information transfer