orientation & information in the outdoor area

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How it works?

The shoutr.System for visitors is also ideal for outdoor use.

A tour of historical memorial sites or through nature is enriched with stories and information. With GPS-supported positioning, visitors can see their location on a map and receive location-based multimedia content

With our shoutr.CMS you can create all content for a guided tour in your app. Whether an audio guide or additional information in the form of videos, texts, graphics and images – everything is possible.

At the entrance to the visitor center, the corresponding app is available for download, for example via QR code.

All required content is then located on the end devices of your visitors. WiFi or mobile data is not necessary, the information is streamed offline.

Nuthe Nieplitz nature park shoutr app with download function and offline streaming option outdoors

app of the Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park

Localization & Geofencing

digital visitor guide of the Vogtsbauernhof and gate guidance - shoutr labs

app of the Vogtsbauernhof

With the help of interactive maps and GPS, your visitors can use their smartphones to find their way around the nature park, the memorial site or the open-air museum.

It is also possible to use geofencing. Here it is possible to trigger automated actions by GPS when exceeding a geolocalized boundary. in the shoutr.CMS the locations are defined and linked to a corresponding event.

Alternatively, visitors can also trigger the event by pressing a button when they have arrived at the appropriate location.

Not only can exciting tours be created or information conveyed, but outdoor games for children are also possible.

Black Forest open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof with a digital visitor guide and visitor guidance - shoutr labs

Open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof

Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park - shoutr app with download function and offline streaming option outdoors

Nuthe-Nieplitz nature park