The supermarket of the future – shoutr labs and Philips provide an extraordinary shopping experience

Combine our information system with indoor navigation, connect it to external services and get a unique shopping experience!

For the GS1 project, “The Supermarket of the Future”, we connected with Philips among others to create a guide system that stands for smart shopping. Philips is currently working on an indoor navigation system via Visible Light Communication. a technology that also opens new opportunities in the retail sector. 

For the “Supermarket of the Future”, new digital offers are constantly being linked and tested within the purchasing and sales process. With the app which we’ve developed, test persons move through the supermarket each with an iPad that serves as a shopping tool. It allows the scanning of individual items and the filling of a digital shopping cart as well as an automatic checkin and checkout including payment function.

Augmented reality between shelves

Special highlights are the AR features of the app: The products on the shelves are enriched with additional information, such as matching recipe ideas. The visually appealing content creates an emotional connection to the product and an exciting sales process.

Light-based indoor navigation by Philips

Navigation in the supermarket is made possible by Philips’ light-based Indoor Positioning System. The localization function was implemented in the app we developed.
During the shopping process, the customer receives location-based information, can navigate through the supermarket and search for products and their location. Retailers have the opportunity to collect and analyze customer experiences to create personalized offers.

The Philips Indoor Positioning System uses LED lights with Visible Light Communication (VLC) technology. Each LED light has a code that is passed to the mobile devices. The transmitted location may be displayed e.g. via a digital map.

Any questions about the product?

An IBM Watson chatbot is available to answer questions about any article. During shopping, customers can consult the chatbot, that is integrated into the app. The text-based dialogue system enables fast customer service.

The iPad as a remote control

The app connects different systems together. The so-called Guide-iPad, which is operated by the head of the Shopping Experience, can control screens, that are installed in the showroom as well as the customers’ iPads in order to provide them with additional information during the customer experience. The screens are integrated into the shoutr.System via the shoutr.Mediaplayer.