shoutr labs meets Siemens – eLeARning

Gas Turbine in Augmented Reality

Increase learning success with Augmented Reality! A goal we have set ourselves in our joint project with Siemens.

As one of the largest technology companies in Germany, Siemens is continuously working on the development of employee training. One aim is to incorporate existing 3D data into training courses, thereby increasing learning success in vocational education and training with a focus on an eLearning format.

We developed an augmented reality application for Siemens to train its employees by rendering 3D data from a gas turbine into an interactive experience. In combination with AR and didactically prepared learning content, we show a new possibility of immersive learning. By following training scenarios, trainees are taught the design and individual functions of the gas turbine. Users go through a multiple choice test and find the right answers in seven different animations on the 3D model.

The focus is above all on the ease of use of the app and straightforward design.

The work on the 3D data included schematic extensions, a QR cut and the creation of animations. 

Get an impression with our demo video: