shoutr labs @Digital Retail Conference 2018

What’s the shopping experience of tomorrow? This week’s Bitkom Digital Retail Conference focused on integrating digital technologies into the sales process. Ronald Liebermann, our Key Account Manager and Co-Founder, gave a presentation on the use of augmented reality in the retail sector. More than 400 participants from business, politics and science also discussed this topic. How can we include the smartphone to make shopping easier? What possibilities do we have for personalizing information in order to meet the interests of the customers?

The implementation of indoor navigation, interactive product information via AR and digital payment systems offer customers and sellers a new shopping experience. The smartphone at the point of sale (POS) has the potential to become a central tool for sustainably increasing sales. As a reference project, Ronald Liebermann presented the “Supermarket of the Future” by GS1, in which the mentioned concepts have already become reality.

You can find the presentation in German here Slideshare.