shoutr labs - editor of the editorial system

Editor of the editorial system

The shoutr.CMS – a content management system for everything

Digital mediation in museums and exhibitions is more topical than ever before, and this opens up many possibilities for accessibility and opening up new groups of visitors. With the cloud-based shoutr.CMS (editing system) and shoutr.Editor multimedia content for web-based visitor guides, apps and media stations can be created independent of location and made available to the audience in an infinite number of mediation levels.

The system can be used worldwide because it is web-based and mobile. In addition, the editorial system and the editor offer further advantages, such as the possibility of including all languages, including easy language or language suitable for children.

Advantages and features

  • Employees can – without programming knowledge – enter videos, audios, images and texts into the editorial system and adapt them at any time.
  • Training by shoutr labs ensures efficient use of the system and familiarization
  • Individual pages can be created independently for the various contents
  • A preview visualizes the application before you publish it
  • Temporarily created modules, e.g. for special exhibitions, can be deactivated at the desired time and adjusted accordingly when the guides are rearranged. If modules are used again, they can be integrated again just as quickly.
  • Digital signage – control and display of media stations such as touchscreens, as well as audio and video stations centrally via the CMS
  • Integration of Surveys, gamification, calendar function, 3D viewer, glossary, audiosync, social media connection, etc.

Visitor Statistics and Analysis

Another part of the is the statistics module. The evaluations can be viewed in the admin area and also exported.

analysis options

  • behavior of visitors
  • popularity of exhibits
  • number of views of the individual pages
  • dwell time
all visitor statistics at a glance - shoutr lab CMS