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shoutr.Boxx – the building block for your own network

Since many museums, monuments or other cultural institutions are subject to special building management requirements, it is generally advisable to install a local network on the exhibition areas that can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily. The shoutr.Boxx system offers this possibility while complying with monument protection and taking into account individual structural conditions, such as massive or unstable walls of castles or palaces.

The tried-and-tested shoutr.Boxx system for museums and exhibitions is a local network (mesh network) and spreads high-speed WiFi on exhibition areas, from which visitors can access multimedia content with their own devices.

The shoutr.Boxx is very easy to assemble. After a one-off configuration, it only requires a power connection. In order to transfer the created content from the shoutr.CMS (editorial system) to the local network, a LAN cable can simply be connected to the shoutr.Boxx . Changed content can also be updated quickly and easily with an Internet connection.

shoutrr.Boxx - interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions - digital infrastructure
shoutrr.Boxx - interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions - digital infrastructure

shoutr.Monolith – Hosting

The shoutr.Monolith distributes multimedia content to visitors on site via an existing WLAN. The digital content for the exhibits is stored on a server on site and streamed on-demand to visitors’ mobile devices.

Visitors do not need mobile data on site to access the content. These are displayed either directly in the browser via the exhibition WLAN or in an app and are optimized for mobile use.

In principle, all WLAN-capable smartphones and tablets with a current operating system are supported. The shoutr.Monolith server only needs an internet connection. This automatically supplies the server with the current content from the shoutr.CMS as well as with software updates.