Immersive experiences for your visitors

Immersive experiences for your visitors

shoutr labs Augmented Reality Apps

Immersive technologies, especially Augmented Reality, have become an integral part of the multimedia landscape in recent years. In the meantime, this technology is no longer designed exclusively for professional use; corresponding devices and applications are also spreading rapidly in the consumer sector. Thanks to ever faster processors and more precise cameras in mobile devices, convincing AR scenes can be displayed today.

The three-dimensional content can be displayed both via app and browser-based. In principle, all WLAN-enabled end devices that have a current Android or iOS are supported.

With the help of Augmented Reality (AR), lost, destroyed or sensitive exhibits are made tangible again. Visitors use their smartphones to “scan” objects or works of art that provide further information, such as an X-ray view of a painting or explanations about people.

AR technology as an immersive presentation technique offers a high degree of interaction. shoutr labs uses a hybrid app to display digital elements using AR. This technology with software support enables a much better and higher quality in the display of 3D models than with a purely browser-based app. As browser vendors continuously work on their products, even better performance and more features for web-based augmented reality elements will be possible in the future.

shoutr labs remains innovative and consistently implements these new possibilities.

Universum Bremen - Augmented Reality App with a 3 D representation of the moon

App2Space of Universum® Bremen – Augmented Reality with a 3D model of the moon

Augmented Reality for Museums and Exhibitions - shoutr labs

animated T Rex in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Benefits & Features

  • Exciting, interactive and attractive technology for all ages
  • Visitors »scan« the objects or exhibits with their own smartphone
  • Further information on the exhibits can be dynamically displayed and conveyed
  • Information materials can be impressively upgraded (content triggered by image recognition)
  • The use of immersive technologies lets users immerse themselves in virtual worlds and experience exhibitions ‘live’.
Micro Mars Rover Yemo from the App2Space app of Universum Bremen - by shoutr labs

Micro Rover Yemo from the App2Space of Universum ® Bremen

Try it!

Try the app from Universum® Bremen “App2Space” and experience augmented reality at home.

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone or tablet. Depending on the operating system, you will then end up in the appropriate Apple or Google Play Store.

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Download the app for IOS

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