Research & Development

Research and development of Augmented Reality prototypes


Augmented Reality quiz game for exhibitions

With the project “On the trail of the museum – exploration games for exhibition worlds”, shoutr labs has set itself the goal of developing a prototypical educational game framework that makes current Augmented Reality (AR) technologies available for the “museum” experience and exploration space.

The idea is to identify and successfully implement the interaction patterns and game mechanics in an Augmented Reality game that trigger the greatest learning effect for players in terms of immersion and gaming fun.

Playful discovery of the exhibition space

A successful learning game places the content to be conveyed at the structural center of its mechanics and explicitly integrates the desired gain in knowledge into the course of the game loop. Accordingly, both the development of the prototype and the narrative are thought in relation to the museum space and the exhibit. The exhibits become stations in an enigmatic investigation aimed at understanding the exhibits and their connections.

The game framework to be developed focuses on flexibility in terms of content and scalability in order to be able to be used as a development basis for a heterogeneous customer network of different cultural and educational actors.

The game fits into the exhibition context and sets the framework for the storytelling of the resulting detective story. Linked to this are several puzzle modules, which are assigned to the individual exhibition objects as stations and connect them with one another.

Screenshots from the prototype of the augmented reality game “Museum auf der Spur”

Augmented Reality applications for industry – ZIM project

Augmented Reality software applications for research, training and development by shoutr labs

As part of a ZIM funding program (Central Innovation Program for SMEs), shoutr labs is developing a new type of Augmented Reality software solution in cooperation with the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences , which will make it possible to learn work processes in industry using the AR glasses HoloLens 2 from Microsoft. Here, trend-setting new features are being developed that will facilitate and optimize training on and with complex machines. In addition, machine learning elements and specially developed algorithms are used.

The central role is played by a digital assistant to support specialists and people in training.

The aim is to develop a marketable licensed product for industry. In the final phase of the development process, this software tool is evaluated and tested in real operation with a selected industrial partner.

shoutr labs remains innovative and develops the AR applications of the future with you.