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Off into space with shoutr labs & the Universum® Bremen!

Can you imagine traveling into space? What is everyday life like on the International Space Station ISS? And what skills do future astronauts and space travelers need to have? In the special exhibition „Up to Space“ at Universum® Bremen everything revolves around the present and future of astronautical space travel. The special exhibition “Up to Space – Raumfahrt im Universum” at Universum® Bremen makes astronautics a real and digital experience.

experience augmented reality up close

Try it!

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone or tablet. Depending on the operating system, you will then end up in the appropriate Apple or Google Play Store.

QR code App2Space on App Store and Google Play
Universum Bremen - Augmented Reality App by shoutr labs

Ariane 5 launch vehicle in augmented reality

Universum Bremen - app2space by shoutr labs

digital add-on

The app, which was specially developed for the special exhibition “Up to Space – Space Travel in the Universe” can be installed on mobile devices free of charge at the beginning of the exhibition.

Universum-Bremen special exhibition Up-to-Space - augmented reality app by shoutrlabs

interaction with the exhibits

Slip into a spacesuit and let your mobile device show you the individual layers of the highly complex suit.

Universum-Bremen special exhibition Up-to-Space with augmented reality app from shoutrlabs

virtual models

With the help of the App2Space developed by shoutr labs , visitors can expand their reality with their smartphone or tablet and display exhibits in augmented reality.

Universum Bremen - app2space von shoutr labs - model

experience space travel at home

“App2Space” offers the opportunity to view the models and modules of the animated spacecraft in detail on a smartphone or tablet while still on site or at home afterwards.

Bring your own device

detailed models and animations

Additional information and exciting insights are provided by the App2Space app we programmed.

In cooperation with Universum® Bremen as well as ESA and NASA, we have developed individual and unique augmented reality applications that can be accessed anywhere and easily with a smartphone.

Thus, the app not only offers added value for visitors during the exhibition tour, but also afterwards, for example, they can view life on the ISS in detail, have an SLS launcher launched in their living room, and much more.

Screenshots from the “App2Space” app

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