©Tieranatomisches Theater, Hermann von Helmholtz-Zentrum, photos: Michael Pfisterer

Tieranatomisches Theater of the Humboldt University

The Tieranatomische Theater (TAT), a “21st Century Chamber of Wonders,” presents the new permanent exhibition “Flechtwerk der Dinge – Sammlungsschaufenster.”

Within the unique architecture, 80 exhibits from 24 collections of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and their most diverse contexts are shown. Starting from topics such as “use”, “origin”, “diversity” and “locality”, unexpected links are highlighted. Visitors embark on this journey of discovery with an interactive multimedia guide.

The staging of the exhibition emerged from a research project by curator Felix Sattler and Dr. Jochen Hennig, former research associate at the Humboldt Center for Cultural Technology.

conzept: Felix Sattler and Dr. Jochen Hennig
curators: Felix Sattler, Sarah Becker, Jessica Korp

our solution

When visitors dial into the exhibition WLAN in the former library of the Tieranatomisches Theater, their own smartphone becomes a digital guide. What makes it special is that a lighting control system reacts to the exhibits selected in the guide. The concept developed at the Helmholtz-Zentrum für Kulturtechnik, a combination of digital guide and lighting of the objects, was implemented with the help of shoutr Systems and the company Service + Support Lichtsysteme.

It is possible to navigate from superordinate themes to individual exhibits and visualize the various interrelationships between the exhibits directly in the display windows. In this way, users leave a light trail while creating their virtual tour.

Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin - digital visitor guide, as well as a light control of the exhibits - shoutr labs

shoutr.Boxx & shoutr.CMS

shoutrr.Boxx - interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions - digital infrastructure

A shoutr.Boxx is installed in the exhibition area, which provides the WLAN infrastructure and streams the content to the exhibits to the smartphones. The multimedia guide is accessible via the browser. The installation of an app is therefore not necessary.

In the shoutr.CMS employees enter the media and can freely structure their personalized media guide. In the process, the link between light and content itself is adjusted and the permanent exhibition is kept dynamic.

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