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Musical Instruments Museum Berlin – multimedia guide

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The Berlin Musical Instrument Museum , as part of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, includes around 3,500 instruments, one of the largest and most representative collections of musical instruments in Germany.

In March 2017, the special exhibition “Good Vibrations – the history of electronic musical instruments” opened. Visitors* gained insights into the development of electronic musical instruments, such as electronic organs or synthesizers, and were allowed to play selected exhibits themselves.

In the course of the special exhibition, we installed several shoutr.Boxxes on the exhibition area. The museum, which otherwise has no WLAN or Internet connection, was given its own network.

The numerous exhibits were supplemented by extensive sound recordings and videos to give visitors an idea of the sound and how the instruments work, as not all exhibits were suitable for the self-test.

All content that the curator had previously created independently in different languages in the shoutr.CMS could be streamed within the audio tour. Over 3.5 GB of data came together and was made accessible to visitors.

The consistently positive feedback from the radio and press has contributed to the exhibition being extended by a further three months. In the meantime, the multimedia guide has been expanded to include the permanent exhibition. An additional implementation in the shoutr.CMS is also planned, which will enable an exchange between curators and visitors.