Music Museum Beeskow - with an audio guide by shoutr labs

©Musikmuseum Beeskow

Beeskow Music Museum – audio guide

Since May 2018, one of the largest private collections of self-playing musical instruments has been on display at Beeskow Castle in Brandenburg.

The collection can also be visited silently without a guide, as there is now a shoutr labs audio guide!

The audio guide can be activated via QR code in the museum on your own cell phone or tablet.

The music museum Beeskow shows that it doesn’t depend on the size of the museum to convey and inform in an innovative, digital and modern way.

With the shoutr.CMSand the shoutr.Editor the employees of the Beeskow music museum independently enter the content for the audio guide from any location.

The shoutr.System offers the possibility to arrange media elements individually by drag-and-drop. No programming knowledge is necessary for this, the employees learn everything in a staff training by shoutr labs.

The entire guide is implemented in the standard design and with the color combination with logo requested by the music museum Beeskow.

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