Historical-Technical Museum Peenemünde

Historical-Technical Museum Peenemünde – visitor app

The Peenemünde experimental station has been the largest military research center in Europe from 1936 to 1945. The area extends over 25 km² and traces of these experimental facilities can still be found today. They thus mark one of the largest area monuments in Germany.

The “Monument Landscape” is a circular trail 25 km long. Starting from the Historical-Technical Museum Peenemünde currently can 23 stations can be explored in different tours currently. Visitors learn about the site’s military past and see how nature is slowly reclaiming the area .

our solution

With the help of an interactive orientation map, visitors can navigate their way around the site using their own smartphones. Via GPS, one’s own location is made visible and content is triggered for the individual stations.

Visitors can download the app “Peenemünde Denkmal-Landschaft” onto their mobile devices directly at the museum. The shoutr.Boxx acts as a download station and makes all content available. Visitors have the opportunity to choose between three different tours. All information and the interactive map are available offline after download.

A timeline shows the chronological order of the stations.

The multimedia guide is maintained by museum staff in the shoutr.CMS.

screenshot from the app “Denkmal Landschaft Peenemünde”

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