GS1 Shopping Experience App with Augmented Reality developed by shoutr labs

GS1 Shopping Experience

For the ultimate shopping experience, GS1brings together marketing and IT experts to explore customer adoption of digital offerings at the point of sale. The goal is to understand customers and successfully motivate them to buy.

The aim is to develop new products for the supermarket of the future that will accompany visitors in the purchasing process and enrich the process.

GS1 Shopping experience app with indoor navigation developed by shoutr labs and Philipps

our solution

As part of this market research project, we developed a customer shopping journey system, in the form of an app. Accordingly, the mobile device represented the central tool for purchasing.

The designated app enabled the retrieval of personalized offers, the scanning of individual products including a shopping cart system as well as the real-time control of various media stations.

A special feature is the integration of augmented reality elements into the shopping experience.

GS1 - Shopping Experience app with augmented reality by shoutr labs
GS1 Shopping Experience app developed by shoutr labs

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