Goldkammer Frankfurt am Main - App with visitor guide and augmented reality by shoutr labs

Goldkammer Frankfurt – App as visitor guide with augmented reality

In the Gold Chamber Frankfurt gold can be explored in its various facets: As sunken treasures from the sea or in its symbolic meaning in different cultures.

The museum displays over 500 exhibits in a cultural-historical setting of over 6,000 years and explains the symbolic meaning and history of gold as a means of exchange and payment.

Visitors can navigate through the underground chamber system with the help of a multimedia guide in the form of a free app and receive in-depth information in the form of audio tracks, texts and images.

Indoor orientation

A floor plan shows the exhibition rooms and the exhibits inside. Beacons are installed in the display cases, which trigger location-based information about the exhibits. This allows orientation within the exhibition space.

From technical consulting to the elaboration of the user experience (UX) to the development of the augmented reality app “Goldkammer”, shoutr took over shoutr labs the implementation of the digital mediation layer.

The design of the app was ART + COM Studios and implemented in joint consultation.

For a fast data transfer to the smartphones of the visitors, installed a shoutr labs a Monolith server, which provides the content on site. For visitors without their own terminal devices, loaners will be provided in the form of iPads.


Screenshots from the app “Gold chamber”

the eagle Aguila from the “gold chamber” App

Augmented reality scavenger hunt for kids

In addition, a children’s tour with audio tracks suitable for children as well as fairy tales provide eventful entertainment. The various fairy tales are designed as augmented reality scavenger hunts and are accessible via so-called VuMarks on brass plates in the exhibition area.

If the little guests scan the VuMarks with the camera of their smartphone, “Aguila” appears, an eagle that tells them exciting stories about the respective thematic complex. The collected fairy tales are saved in the app and can be played back as often as you like afterwards.

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