Federal Cultural Foundation - magazine #33 33 - Augmented Reality by shoutr labs

Federal Cultural Foundation – magazine #33 – Augmented Reality App

our solution

In cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation, we designed the digital expansion of individual author contributions. In the development and implementation of the AR application, the interplay of print and digital content as well as artistic and communicative aspects were pioneering.

Various media formats such as audio tracks, video sequences and 3D models can be found throughout the magazine and allow readers to experience the reading in an interactive and informative way.

The augmented masks were designed by artist Tristan Schulze.

The “interaction between an analog and a digital format” is the theme of the Cultural Foundation’s Kultur Digital which is expanding its biannual magazine to include augmented reality for the first time as part of a pilot project.

Magazine No. 33 “Interfaces” shows 3D avatars, short films, digital literature, experimental music, a meme gallery and much more with the help of the “App Magazine 33 – AR”.

Kulturstiftung des Bundes Magazine - Issue 33

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