Buga Heilbronn - Future carousel as an interactive sculpture
Buga Heilbronn 2019 - Future carousel as an interactive sculpture

BUGA 2019 – Future carousel

The motto of the Federal Horticultural Show 2019 in Heilbronn was “Blooming Life”. A program of art, music, sports and knowledge offers were part of the garden and city exhibition.

For the Federal Horticultural Show`s summer island, beier + wellach projekte designed an interactive sculpture together with the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Beneath a bionic fiber pavilion from the University of Stuttgart an installation that explores the various facets of digitization in everyday life and in the future.

The circular metal frame allows visitors to look through windows into different film scenes. In these, situations are presented that show digital solutions in agriculture, transport, health, education, administration and business, and play a major role.

Viewers are then encouraged to enter into a discussion and share their opinions anonymously. Afterwards, the results of all visitor surveys are visualized in an animation.

our solution

Within the installation beier+wellach uses the technique Peppers Ghost. An illusion trick from 19th century theater that makes scenic representations appear as if in 3D.

We were responsible for the synchronization of the software and hardware: the timing of the videos as well as the animation of the evaluations completed the functioning of the interactive exhibition.

Buga Heilbronn 2019 with the future carousel as an interactive sculpture

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