Brandenburg.Exhibition in the Kutschstall Potsdam with digital signage media stations with touchscreens from shoutr labs

Media stations with touchscreens that display the contents of the showcases and provide additional information

Brandenburg.Exhibition – HBPG Potsdam

Brandenburg.Exhibition in the Kutschstall Potsdam with a media station from shoutr labs

Media station with an audio library

The Brandenburg.Exhibition recently opened in the House of Brandenburg -Prussian History, the former carriage stable.

In the historic building in the center of Potsdam, which Friedrich Wilhelm II had built between 1787-1789, the Brandenburg.Exhibition describes the more than 1000 years of lively history of Brandenburg and its inhabitants.

The journey through the 10 centuries should arouse curiosity about the diverse Brandenburg and invite visitors to explore the beauties of the state.

The exhibition puts people in the foreground instead of historical events. Their experiences, cultural identities and social roles are presented with exhibits and a total of 34 media stations. It is thus possible to experience how religion, social status, gender roles have shaped the self-image and actions of the people of Brandenburg from then and now.

The highlights are the 4 replicas of the showcases on large touch screens, as well as various video stations which bring historical personalities to life. In video sequences, which were produced in cooperation with the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, actors embody various Brandenburg celebrities and give an insight into the different social classes and their lives as “living portraits”.

Brandenburg.Exhibition in the Kutschstall Potsdam - media station with touch screen from shoutr labs

Media station with touch screen

our solution

shoutr labs worked together with the Brandenburg Society for Culture and History on the technical concept of the Brandenburg.Exhibition and implemented it. The aim was to network the exhibition and, by means of a visitor guide and media stations, to enable an additional digital offer for the visitors and thus a wide variety of possibilities for interaction with the exhibits.

Digital infrastructure across the entire exhibition area

A total of 34 media stations are loaded with content and information via the shoutr.Monolith server. Depending on the requirements and the media station, the exhibition showcases are recreated on large touchscreens, for example, and thus offer additional information on each exhibit. From texts to video sequences, images to audio clips and an interactive puzzle game.

All data for the visitor guide and the various media stations are entered via shoutr.CMS by the employees of the Brandenburg.Exhibition and played out via the shoutr.Monolith server.

Brandenburg.Exhibition in the Kutschstall Potsdam with a lively portrait on a media station by shoutr labs

Media station with a “living portrait”

Not only can visitors use the exhibition WiFi to access the web-based visitor guide via their own smartphones, but employees can also access and edit the content directly at the corresponding media station via laptop. The challenge was the complex interaction of all components and the software, which was specially developed by shoutr labs for this purpose.

Multimedia guide for accessible experiences

The web-based multimedia guide takes you through the diverse history of Brandenburg. Background information on special objects can be called up at 30 exciting stations. The multimedia guide can be played on your own smartphone or on one of the tablets that can be borrowed. The guide is barrier-free, all audio contributions are also accessible via text and image.

Media station with 9 interconnected screens

Media station in the Kutschstall Potsdam - Brandenburg.Exhibition - shoutr labs

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