Berlin Wall Foundation - Cold War App with Augmented Reality by shoutr labs

Berlin Wall Foundation – Cold War Berlin App

60 years after the construction of the Wall, which divided Germany for 28 years, the Berlin Wall Foundation and shoutr labs present an augmented reality app about the tank confrontation at Checkpoint Charlie in 1961.

In October 1961, a few months after the construction of the Berlin Wall, U.S. and Soviet tanks faceeach other at the Allied Checkpoint Charlie and the GDR border crossing at Friedrichstrasse. The pictures of the tanks in the middle of the divided city of Berlin went around the world at that time.

The app “Cold War Berlin” brings these images back to life and lets you dive into the history of the Cold War with your smartphone. In Augmented Reality (AR) you can bring Checkpoint Charlie to your home in 3D.

The tank confrontation with augmented reality

The events of the tank confrontation were researched in detail using historical sources from both East and West.

The 3D modeled scenes are based on the information thus obtained. The integrated historical photos, films and radio reports show how the events were interpreted and portrayed in East and West Germany.

AR reveals not only the role of the media in political events, but also the construction of historical images.

From two perspectives, you can use the shoutr labs App to independently explore the situation at the Friedrichstrasse/Zimmerstrasse border crossing from the construction of the Wall to the confrontation of the tanks. The app is available in English and German in the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Screenshots of the app “Cold War Berlin

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