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Touch table with puzzle game | Brandenburg exhibition

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Inspire your visitors by using the latest technologies and interactive museum exhibits. Present your content in a multimedia and intuitive way. stations are available in different variations. They allow displaying any content (video, audio, text, animations…) on a screen or touch screen.

With the help of the shoutr.CMS (editorial system) and our editor, all content can be easily entered and continuously updated regardless of location.

For audio and video stations there is also the possibility to station to combine with a one-hand headset. Depending on the configuration, a video or audo, for example, is played as soon as the one-hand headset is removed.

Brandenburg exhibition in the Kutschstall Potsdam with a media station - audio station with one-hand headphones

Audio station with one-hand headphones | Brandenburg Exhibition

Brandenburg exhibition in the Kutschstall Potsdam with a living portrait on a media station with one-hand headset

Video station with one-hand headphones | Brandenburg exhibition

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Brandenburg exhibition in the Kutschstall Potsdam with a media station with touch screen by shoutr labs

Media station with touch screen | Brandenburg exhibition

With touch screens and tables you enable your visitors to interact with the exhibition and the respective exhibits. In addition to operating the audio and video stations at the touch of a finger, games, puzzles or a quiz can also be implemented.

We work with you to develop the right concept for your exhibition and, with our software and expertise, offer all the necessary prerequisites for a successful project.

Connection of additional touch screens, audio and video stations is possible at any time. This way you remain variable and can further develop the exhibition.

take advantage of the benefits

– magical experiences with the help of impressive, interactive exhibits

– the combination of real and digital worlds offers great added value

– diverse possibilities for conveying digital background information

– Content can be adjusted remotely at any time via the shoutr.CMS be customized

– Automatic real-time updating of content after changes in the shoutr.CMS

– modularly applicable and arbitrarily expandable

– many years of experience and proven quality for museums and exhibitions

Media station in the Kutschstall Potsdam - Brandenburg.Exhibition - shoutr labs