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We provide the digital infrastructure for exhibitions with advanced technology for immersive experiences .

How it works?

Digitize your exhibition! With the shoutr.system system turns your visitors’ smartphones into multimedia guides.

Smartphones are omnipresent and therefore the basis of our solution.

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. That’s why we transform your visitors’ existing devices into easy-to-use multimedia guides. The maintenance and updating of the content in our shoutr.CMS works simply, programming skills are not required.


  • Enrich your exhibition with additional information in the form of text, images, videos and animations that your guests can easily access on their own smartphones or tablets.
  • Discover the unimagined possibilities of digital knowledge transfer and provide as much additional information as you like for your exhibition.
  • Give your guests a fascinating, playful, interactive and lasting experience!

We would be happy to advise you on all the options and help you to make your museum and exhibitions more attractive.

Berlinische Galerie with a barrier-free visitor guide for blind people to guide visitors and provide information from shoutr labs

©Daniel Mueller, Berlinische Galerie

own WLAN infrastructure & individual solutions

For listed museums, castles and palaces, as well as for buildings without internet connection, we offer different options with our shoutr.Boxxes shoutr.boxxes.

These enable an area-wide WLAN infrastructure and the distribution of content (e.g. video, text, audio, image) across the entire exhibition area. Several shoutr.Boxxes set up a high-speed WLAN in the building in question, which visitors can dial into at the entrance. Large amounts of data are thus transmitted to the mobile end devices in a matter of seconds.

The visitors themselves do not need any data volume. You can dial into the exhibition WLAN, for example, by scanning a QR code. The visitor and audio guides are therefore very easy to use and also enable barrier-free or inclusive visitor experiences.

shoutr labs - Monolith Server


The shoutr.Monolith is ideal for houses or exhibitions with high-speed internet. This server makes all content available to your visitors via stream on their smartphones. The exhibition’s media guide is distributed over the entire exhibition area and can be used by your visitors.

additional modules can be booked

The shoutr.CMS offers you the opportunity to expand your offer for visitors with additional modules. The statistics module enables you to carry out detailed evaluations of visitor statistics and exhibits.


The quiz enables a playful transfer of knowledge to the users.

  • Content can be created and maintained independently
  • Integration of all media types (text, audio, video) possible
  • Multiple Choice
  • Quiz can be integrated into tours (e.g. scavenger hunt).

Survey Tool

Offers the possibility to create digital questionnaires for visitor evaluation, which visitors* can complete on their smartphones. The results of the surveys are displayed graphically in the shoutr.CMS , data export is also possible.


The shoutr.Audiosync enables the synchronous playback of multilingual audio to a video that is played in an endless loop on a screen. The audio track is played back via the visitor’s end device.

3D model viewer

Extends the shoutr.CMS with the functionality of displaying 3D models. The models can be viewed from all sides by the user in the browser or the app. Including rotation and zoom function.

Digital Glossary

If desired, a digital dictionary with the definitions of all desired headwords or technical terms can be created. The technical terms in the continuous text then link to the corresponding explanations.

QR Code Reader

Each exhibit or article in your exhibition can be provided with a QR code or a number in the shoutr.CMS . The stored information is called up by scanning the QR code or entering the number in the Multimedia Guide or the app.

Inclusion & Accessibility – Everyone is included

The shoutr.System gives all target groups access to exhibitions.

  • Audio descriptions and alternative texts can be stored for blind and visually impaired people
  • Compatibility with assistive technologies
  • Possibility to integrate any number of languages, including simple and/or easy language
  • Different tours and content can be created for different target groups, such as children, young people and adults
  • Possibility of integrating a dark mode for better visibility through increased contrast
  • Videos with sign language can also be integrated into the system
Museum für Naturkunde Berlin - accessible multimedia and audio guide - shoutr labs

Audio guide of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin – sign language video

More options

Media Stations

Touch screens | tablets | flat screens

Apps & Augmented Reality

immersive technologies

It’s that easy to digitize your exhibition

Step 1

Contact us

Contact us without obligation for your upcoming project. We then determine the necessary steps and goals together. Our consultants will then go through the following steps with you for an initial needs analysis:

  • Maximum number of simultaneous visitors
  • Size of the exhibition space
  • Desired content (audio, video, text, augmented reality, etc.)
  • WLAN infrastructure available or desired
  • Technical requirements and goals
  • Do you want to use media stations?
  • Any structural features
  • individual wishes | requirements

We will then contact you as soon as possible and arrange a consultation.


+49 30 555 794 560

After all technical and structural requirements have been clarified, you can start. With a tailor-made product, we not only ensure an increase in visitor numbers, but also help you to bring your museum into the 21st century.

Step 2

shoutrr.Boxx - interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions - digital infrastructure


Consulting and technical implementation

Thanks to many years of experience and expertise, our team will work with you to find the best solution for your museum, palace, castle or exhibition space.

In cooperation with your building technology, we ensure the correct installation of all necessary technical devices. If there is not enough WiFi, our shoutr.Boxxes come into play and form their own network.

Alternatively, we prepare the shoutr.Monolith for use so that all content can be played back via your in-house WLAN. The shoutr.CMS is also configured by us according to your ideas and is prepared for use in your company.

Step 3

Inserting the content

The heart of our solution is the shoutr.CMS . After you have learned how to use our editorial system in a short training course, you and your editors can independently and flexibly compile content into digital guides.

Since the shoutr.CMS is web-based, the content can be updated and maintained from anywhere.

additional advantages:

  • Drag & drop app builder with preview
  • Multilingual – your content in up to 180 languages
  • Easily manage and add to content
  • without programming knowledge – enter videos, audios, images and texts into the shoutr.CMS and adapt them at any time
shoutr.CMS - Content Management System for museums and exhibitions

Step 4

shoutr.Boxxen and WiFi infrastructure for museums and exhibitions

Activation of the system

Your content has been added to the shoutr.CMS and the WLAN infrastructure is fully functional. From now on, your guests can easily and conveniently log into your WLAN and use the visitor guide. The guide can also be made available very conveniently, for example, by scanning a QR code.

We would be happy to advise you on all the possibilities of our shoutr.System .

Contact us for your next project

Media station in the German Historical Museum Berlin

shoutr labs Augmented Reality Station in the German Historical Museum Berlin