Augmented Reality


The Exhibition

For the ultimate Shopping Experience, marketing and IT experts come together to pursue the acceptance of digital offerings from customers at the Point of Sale. The goal is to understand customers’ needs and to successfully activate them for purchase.

Our Solution

For this reason we developed a customer shopping journey system. At the same time, the mobile device is the central tool for shopping. The dedicated app shows personalized offers, scans different products, includes a shopping cart system and enables the control of various videos. The entire product is part of a market research project.

A seperate WLAN is provided by the shoutr.Boxxes in the shopping area. All content is entered and managed via the shoutr.CMS.

The  CMS

The behavior of each participant is statistically recorded and evaluated within our system. The shoutr.Boxxes provide a separate WLAN in the shopping area. Special content can be managed through the shoutr.CMS.

Augmented Reality

A special highlight are the augmented reality features of the app: The products on the shelves are enriched with information, such as matching recipe ideas.

Indoor Positioning System

The light-based Indoor Positioning System from Philips was implemented in the app we developed. While shopping, the customer receives location-based information, can navigate through the store and can search for specific products. LED-lights and VLC technology (Visible Light Communication) are used for the Indoor Positioning System.