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Why a shoutr app?

shoutr labs

has been developing apps for museums, tourism, memorial education, commerce and industry since 2014. The apps we develop are always tailored and optimized to the needs of our customers. In museums and exhibitions, apps can increase and expand the possibilities of knowledge transfer and visitor loyalty. For example, built-in augmented reality features offer experiences with completely new dimensions for visitors.

Apps for augmented reality and knowledge transfer

Among other things, shoutr labs developed the “App2Space” app together with Universum® Bremen. The app, specially developed for the special exhibition “Up to Space”, offers immersive experiences and expands the exhibition with augmented reality elements. For example, visitors can view the 3D model of a space suit or drive a Mars rover.


Micro Rover Yemo from the App2Space of the Universum Bremen - developed by shoutr labs

Micro Rover Yemo from the app “App2Space”

Universum Bremen special exhibition Up-to-Space, animated moon - augmented reality app by shoutr labs

3D animated moon from the app “App2Space”

Universum Bremen special exhibition Up-to-Space - Augmented Reality App by shoutr labs

Screenshot from the “App2Space” app in Universum® Bremen

Apps for offline streaming and visitor guidance

The shoutr labs apps have already proven themselves several times in the tourism and outdoor sectors. For example, an app can be made available for visitors to download at the visitor reception of an open-air museum or nature park. All necessary data and multimedia functions are then on the smartphone and can be used for the corresponding tours.

Black Forest open-air museum Vogtsbauernhof with digital tour guidance - shoutr labs

Screenshot from the Vogtsbauernhof app

The users then do not need any further data usage, only the GPS has to be switched on to enable a navigated tour. Our apps also enable offline streaming of content and orientation in the area of memorial sites and cemeteries. There is also the possibility of triggering certain elements or events in the app when certain areas (points of interest) of a tour have been reached.

Transfer of knowledge using augmented reality applications and apps from shoutr labs

the integration of augmented reality is also possible

Apps for inclusive visits and guided tours

Inclusion is also becoming increasingly important in the museum, exhibition and tourism sectors.

In close cooperation with the Berlinische Galerie and the


we developed, for example, the accessible app “Berlinische Galerie – an inclusive guide”, which accompanies or guides visitors through the Berlinische Galerie.

The so-called beacons placed in ERCO rails trigger location-based content and support blind and visually impaired visitors with descriptive texts, explanations of the tactile models and orientation information.

An important aspect of how the museum app works is its compatibility with Voice-Over, a basic accessibility feature for blind people. The images of the paintings on the smartphone can also be enlarged.

Berlinische Galerie with a barrier-free app for the blind to guide visitors and provide information - shoutr labs

©BerlinischeGalerie, ©Photo Harry Schnitger

Depending on your needs and the technical requirements, we will work with you to develop the right app for your needs.


Our service includes the following areas:

project conception

Based on our many years of project experience, we create effective concepts for you or check your existing concept for improvement and savings potential


Our in-house experts use modern frameworks to implement your ideas cost-effectively and efficiently. We also use our own technology platform to reduce project costs initially and sustainably.


Even after the project has been completed, we are at your side with advice and action and are happy to accompany you with future developments and ideas.