A memorial site honors the 100th anniversary of a revolution

One hundred years ago, soldiers and workers took to the streets in 1918 to demonstrate against the imperial authorities.
In the course of this, the memorial site, the Friedhof der Märzgefallenen (cemetery), opened its new permanent exhibition.

On seven steles, the background of the revolutionary events in Berlin are shown. Furthermore, visitors can access additional information via the browser of their own mobile phone and learn all the more about the motivations of the marches.

We enable the multimedia guide without app with our shoutr.System. For this purpose we installed shoutr.Boxxes outdoors and provide a comprehensive WLAN, which visitors have access to.

On the basis of digital mediation, the cemetery expands its exhibition and reinforces its role as a place of learning about Germany’s democratic history as well as its supraregional significance.

Among others Mayor and Senator for Culture and Europe, Dr. Ing. Klaus Lederer and Clara Herrmann, District Councilor for Finance, Environment, Culture and Continuing Education of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district hold a speech for the exhibition opening. Among the prominent guests were also Eberhard Diepgen, Hans Modrow and Walter Momper.