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What does shoutr labs do?

shoutr labs sees digital transformation as an opportunity to rethink knowledge transfer. We make new technologies available that enable everyone to participate in cultural, scientific and technological life.

The 21st century is characterized by innovations, dynamic ways of life and new, constantly evolving technologies in all areas of social, economic and cultural coexistence. Digital solutions are increasingly coming to the fore and are becoming an integral part of everyday life. shoutr labs offers both the right applications and the necessary expertise for this.

Modular systems & services

Intuitive operation paired with reliable technology

shoutrr.Boxx - interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions - digital infrastructure

The shoutr.Boxx®

The tried-and-tested shoutr.Boxx system for museums and exhibitions is a local network (mesh network) and spreads high-speed WiFi on exhibition areas, from which visitors can access multimedia content with their own devices.

The shoutr.Boxx is very easy to assemble. After a one-off configuration, it only requires a power connection. In order to transfer the created content from the shoutr.CMS to the local network, a LAN cable can simply be connected to the shoutr.Boxx . Changed content can also be updated quickly and easily with an Internet connection.

The shoutr.CMS®

With the cloud-based shoutr.CMS (Content Management System) and shoutr.Editor, the operators of the museum or exhibition can easily and location-independently create multimedia content and make it available to the public within the multimedia guide in an infinite number of mediation levels.

The system can be used worldwide because it is web-based and mobile. In addition, the shoutr.CMS and the shoutr.Editor offer further advantages, such as the possibility to integrate all languages, including simple language or language suitable for children.

shoutr lab Content Management System
Media station in the Kutschstall Potsdam - shoutr labs

Digital Signage – shoutr Media Stations

interactive exhibitions | digital information transfer | immersive experiences

Inspire your visitors by using the latest technology and interactive museum exhibits. Present your content in a multimedia, interactive and intuitive way.

The stations enable the display of any content (including videos) created in the shoutr.CMS on a screen/touchscreen with HDMI connection or tablet.

Bring Your Own Device – BYOD

The smartphone or tablet becomes a multimedia guide during the visit, whereby the installation of an app is not absolutely necessary. Visitors can call up the desired multilingual information quickly and easily via the web browser using their own mobile phone.

With the help of the system, they receive additional information on the respective display or information boards, exhibits and other exhibits.

Universum-Bremen special exhibition Up-to-Space with augmented reality app from shoutrlabs
interactive tour guide without internet connection - shoutr lab

GPS controlled tour guides

Our shoutr.Boxx system is also ideal for outdoor use, for example for open-air museums and nature parks. In the visitor center, an individual app can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet, which provides all the necessary information and multimedia content.

Depending on the application, visitors can then explore the open-air exhibition or the nature park on their own. An internet connection is not necessary, the visitor guidance is GPS-controlled, all necessary tour data is already on the user’s cell phone or tablet.

Interactive apps with Augmented Reality

AR technology as an immersive presentation technique offers a high degree of interaction for museums and exhibitions. shoutr labs uses a hybrid app to display digital elements using AR.

This technology with software support enables a much better and higher quality in the display of 3D models than with a purely browser-based app.

With the help of the app, not only does the visit become an unforgettable experience, but it can also be experienced again at home with the help of the animated models and information from the app.

Siemens AG - Employee training using the augmented reality app from shoutr labs

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