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We provide the digital infrastructure for your content by using advanced technology for immersive experiences.

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The shoutr.System

The shoutr.System is a versatile content management and distribution system that streams your multimedia content to your visitors’ and customers’ devices without having to install an app.

You can combine your content such as text, audio, video and augmented reality into a webapp via a CMS and a Drag & Drop Editor.

Whether at the point of sale or in production: AR has a lasting positive effect on sales and costs. Demonstrate the benefits of your products and services and provide your customer with impressive experiences.

Especially in exhibitions such as fairs, museums and showrooms, Wi-Fi is not always available. For this we have developed the shoutr.Boxx which provides a self-sufficient network with high data rates. Protect your customers from expensive mobile data fees and transfer data at lightning speed!

We stream your content directly to the smartphones of your visitors and it’s possible to integrate loan devices, but not necessary. Our system is offline and self-sufficient; there is no internet connection required.

We provide and develop augmented reality solutions, especially in the following areas:

  • Marketing applications with AR, for example for fairs, showrooms and exhibition formats of all kinds
  • Industrial applications such as staff training and remote maintenance
  • Supply chain management


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