Die Zukunft von Virtual Reality

Sebastian Winkler über Virtual Reality

Und weiter geht’s: Im Experteninterview mit der Bitkom sprach unser CEO Sebastian Winkler nicht nur über Augmented Reality, auch die Zukunft von Virtueller Realität war ein präsentes Thema:

Sebastian Winkler über Virtual Reality

1. Is Virtual Reality really the future of video?

Not yet, because of the ease of TV. Just coming home and relax on the sofa is still unbeaten.

But I assume it will take its place. While walking you may want to consume video, but not in VR.

VR will become big in the social media interaction – second life was the beginning, but it was too early.

2. How big is the VR market going to get?

Enormous, but all depending on the VR headsets and use cases. I was expecting them way earlier to become mainstream. I guess we just have to wait a bit longer.

3. Which industry will be the most important for VR?


Sebastian Winkler im Interview

4. What is needed for good VR content in the future?

It needs to be affordable and it must stick to UX design specifications & Human-Computer-Interaction design. The sky is the limit, but the user needs to be able to shut himself away from reality.

Also, the ease of use is missing for hardware & software is still missing and they need to fix motion sickness.

5. Which VR trend of today has definitely no future?

Rock climbing 😉

Basically, everything that is related to motion if you can get physical feedback from the outside.